Braiding, folding, rapping and folding

LudvikFellers artistic expression does not assume a singular assertion, showing neither an imperturbable virtuosity nor customary forms. On the contrary, he poses questions, avoiding answers but expanding new horizons and offering irregular solutions. Texture, forms, even meanings (their context not easily springing to mind) appear in his expression. His work clarifies evolution of the visual arts, the way they reaches out to extensive areas, and simultaneously points towards the penetration of visual expression by different forms of the Arts. Ludvik Feller’s work depicts a close inclination to philosophy, a fusion with a particular attitude. His works reveal an uninterrupted interest in a holistic development of transitional and also continuous qualities of nature. Thus, the relationships of the human being with his environment, with his history and with diverse cultures, unfolding the heritage of passed generations, are projected and subtly react to the different natural conditions as well as to society’s actuality. Ludvik Feller is one of the artists, whose work gives testimony of the art’s changing position during the past century, or to the extent of values becoming insecure, losing their former worth and regaining new and different meanings. Focusing on reality and perception of coherence, Feller applies unusual means of imagery. The traditional process of craft disappears; the expression becomes more independent, free, direct and immediate. Still, inexplicable secrets are concealed in this expression, continuously resisting human comprehension and taking refuge behind the borders of understanding. In Ludvik Feller’s work natural proceedings meet the phenomena of technical civilization as a reflection of mankind approaching cosmic principles. The work depicts our permanent strive for comprehension of still unsolved meanings and simultaneously our incomprehension, our rejection, our disrespect of nature’s development and the violation of untouchable principles. In Feller’s creation you will also find a subtle, sometimes humorous and light playfulness: a contrast between the incompatible elements, a deviation of the program, a fracture within adapted and accepted habits. In his works we may also observe a sense for harmonious dissolution of surface and space, and perceive an aesthetic unison of free forms and the subtle shading of colors. In his work we come to realize the streaming of rivers, the rhythm of the ocean’s surf and the gusts of the wind. It comprises the beauty and the profanity of a stone’s structure, we feel the tension and the fragility of the stems and twigs. It indicates the paths towards coexistence of men and nature, the lack of modesty and sincerity as well as the unnaturalness of life in today’s society. His art is like a mosaic composed from found fragments, like a verse, where words accumulate randomly, falter, unravel and take their places according to accepted rules. Feller’s search holds discoveries and surprises, transcends usual borders, and allows the exploitation of the most natural and simple resources. His art reminds us of a gardener’s work, cultivating nature, waiting for the fruit to ripen and then harvesting.

Ph Dr. Jiri Machalicky, Nationalgalerie Prag,
Prag, Mánes, 1996

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